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Ranting From the Edges of Sanity

“So a country was born in the year nineteen hundred and forty seven,” Addy sucked through what was left of the golden puff and coughed his lungs out. Clearing his throat he continued, “I get that but what was going on in Nehru’s mind? I mean what was he thinking?”

With the poetic eloquence reminiscent of Jawaharlal Nehru he went on, “At the stroke of the mid-night hour when the world sleeps India awakes. I mean half of the world was awake if not less; the West you know, and I am sure most of Asia would have already begun their day of hard work. And look at the people; they eulogize the speech as if it was a masterpiece.”

Scorning at the way young minds have been conditioned en masse Addy struck the wall at his back with his fist.

“Well let me tell you, neither was the speech a masterpiece nor was this guy the grandmaster.”

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Recessionary Road

I wonder if Director Same Mendes would have adopted “Recessionary Road” as the title of his 2008 movie instead of “Revolutionary Road”. The movie is about a young couple living in a Connecticut suburb who struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children. Believing themselves to be superior to the surrounding mediocre neighbourhood, they decide to move to France where they will be better able to develop their true artistic sensibilities. As fate had it, their relationship deteriorates into an endless cycle of squabbling and jealousy. Their trip and their dreams of self-fulfillment are thrown into jeopardy.

Had Sam Mendes made the movie “Recessionary Road”, the synopsis would have read something like this. “The movie is about a young couple living in a Connecticut suburb who struggle to come to terms with their financial problems, while trying to maintain their standard of living and their occasional indulgences. Thanks to the easy credit provided by the financial institutions that have been willingly financing and re-financing their loans and at the same time mortgaging and double…

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